The Next 60 Scenes® Workshop is
July 21st
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“If you can write 60 Scenes®
you can write a novel.”

– Christina N Ranallo

What is a SCENE?

A scene is a unit of dramatic action that stands alone in location and time and sets apart the point of view character’s involvement in an event necessary to progress a plot.

If you can master how to hone an idea, plot within the three act dramatic structure using the viewpoint of both the writer (Outer Journey) and the character (Inner Journey) understand timelines, setting and the absolute need for conflict and tension, you can write a novel (or screenplay).


“text-align:center;”>What is the 60 Scenes® Writing Method

All good stories have a solid structure. However, understanding exactly how that structure works, and how to apply that structure to your story, can
be a challenge.

The 60 Scenes Writing Method is a step-by-step approach to help you painlessly create your story’s structure—and produce a first draft
in the process.

  • What You’ll Learn:

    How to structure your plot using a proven, centuries-old formula to keep your audience enthralled until the very end

    How to use our distinctive “Of Two Minds” method—map out every scene from both the writer’s and the character’s perspectives

    How to articulate what your story is really about

    Where to start your story—it’s not always at the beginning

    How to make a robust storyboard

    How to break the entire writing process into manageable chunks so that you can complete that first draft, quickly and effectively

  • Who should attend:

    Writers who have a great idea, but need guidance on how to turn that idea into a long, engaging story

    Writers who are struggling with how to w Writers eave subplots, conflict, and characters into their overarching plot

    Writers with busy schedules who can benefit from a structure to keep their writing goals on track

    Writers who have already completed a first draft, but want to improve their story’s flow

    Writers interested in learning a proven formula that can help them turn out one excellent story after another

    Anyone who wants to write a novel or screenplay, but is struggling with how to get started

60 Scenes® One-Day Workshop

 next workshop July 21st 2018
5 Seasons Brewing
The Prado
5600 Roswell Rd NE
Sandy Springs,
GA 30342 (Private room)

PRICE $195.00 your spot. Class size limited to 15

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“This was the most hands-on, helpful and insightful writing workshop I have EVER attended. I believe this method will help me focus and pull all my ideas together in a coherent, interesting way. Worth every penny and more!”
Teresa P.

“Great workshop. Walked away with my head spinning with ideas, but right away I could see what I was missing in the development of my story. Starting working on this new approach the next day…”
Thomas F.

“In the middle of the workshop, I was suddenly hit with a feeling that a door somewhere was being opened.”
Kevin R.

“When you understand story structure, your jumbled parts and pieces find their natural order.”
Karen M.

“I have seen that, just occasionally, something I have done has changed the course of my life.”
Jane R.

“First, let me say the class was GREAT! I learned far more than I ever anticipated… With that said, my intent is to get started immediately on the various processes about which we learned.”
Joan M.

A storyboard in action

“I took the 60 scenes workshop and felt like I came away with a new skill and materials to organize my writing projects. Christina took the time to answer our questions and made sure we all understood the method. One day later and I am already using things I learned in the workshop.”
Christelle M.

“You will walk away with tangible steps that you can immediately put into use and continue to fall back on throughout the creation of your novel. Highly recommended!”
Natalie H.

July 21st 2018

Remember, space is limited to 15 writers, so if you have an idea, a partially finished manuscript or a book that needs rewriting to make it really great, join on July 21st, 2018 and get all the skills you need in one day.

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We look forward to seeing you and moving you closer to writing those glorious words “The End” with the help of the 60 Scenes® Writing Method.