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“If you can write 60 Scenes, you can write a novel”

– Christina N Ranallo

What is a SCENE?

A scene is a unit of dramatic action that stands alone in location and time and sets apart the point of view character’s involvement in an event necessary to progress a plot.

If you can master how to hone an idea, plot within the three act dramatic structure using the viewpoint of both the writer (Outer Journey) and the character (Inner Journey) understand timelines, setting and the absolute need for conflict and tension, you can write a novel (or screenplay).

“With the guidance, encouragement and supporting materials, along with the commitment I made to myself by joining, I was able to greatly improve my draft and have it ready for the road to publishing. Starting work on my next book, I fully intend to … (use this method) …again.”
– Gil Shalev

“… (it) gave me the tools I needed to finish my book, “Jesus, Dee and Bobby Lee”. It taught me to organize my thoughts and gave me a method to get where I needed to go.”
-Michael Blankenship

“In the middle of the workshop, I was suddenly hit with a feeling that a door somewhere was being opened.”
-Kevin R.

“When you understand story structure, your jumbled parts and pieces find their natural order.”
-Karen M.

“I have seen that, just occasionally, something I have done has changed the course of my life.”
-Jane R.

Why 60 Scenes?

Most novels and screenplays can be broken down into sixty scenes. Chapters can be a sequence of scenes. The same can be applied to film. It can take a series of scenes to move the film forward.
No matter how you write your story, you can break it down into ‘parts’ or ‘pieces’ called scenes.

You may feel or ‘see’ a scene clearly in the beginning, middle and end of your story.

Learn how to nail it down and keep moving. Scene after scene, until you have an entire novel.

Are you ready to learn a skill that will help you finish that novel or screenplay, the one that you’ve been thinking about, or haven’t been able to finish, or keep rewriting?

The 60 Scenes Writing Method

is the skill you need to use over and over again to get to ‘The End’ of all those ideas you have rolling around in your head. Learn storyboarding, a great tool used by writers of all genres, understand the power of the scene and the movement of characters through the Outer and Inner Journey all in one exciting fast-paced day.

You will not be the same writer at the end of this ONE DAY WORKSHOP.
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Saturday, March 11th 2017

$125 includes workbook (space is limited to 10)

11.30 am until 5:00 pm with time for Q&A following workshop

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  • Connector.

    What is your story about?

    Hone your idea

  • Connector.

    How do you move through your story?

    The Dramatic Structure – Plot & The Outer Journey

  • Connector.

    Who is your story about?

    Archetypes and the Inner Journey

  • Connector.

    Where and when should you start your story?

    Using timelines

  • Connector.


    You can see your story come together

  • Connector.

    Why Scene?

    The most powerful tool for writing a novel or screenplay

  • Connector.

    Of two minds

    It’s our own insightful and efficient way to write a novel.

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“First, let me say the class was GREAT! I learned far more than I ever anticipated… With that said, my intent is to get started immediately on the various processes about which we learned. Thus, a second class, which would sharpen those skills, would be awesome!”
Joan M.

“I took the 60 scenes workshop and felt like I came away with a new skill and materials to organize my writing projects. Christina took the time to answer our questions and made sure we all understood the method. One day later and I am already using things I learned in the workshop.”
Christelle M.

“Christina and Michael both have so much to offer, the workshop was of excellent quality and the content well worth the money spent. I’m looking forward to participating in the meetups and gaining more knowledge from the life experience both bring to the table. It was a fabulous day and thank you for making it happen!”
Sarah C.

“The workshop teaches me the information I’ve been sorely missing. It’s all about the 60 Scenes.”
Donna C.

Remember, space is limited to ten writers, so if you want to get going on your writing, join us on Saturday, March 11th.

We look forward to seeing you and moving you closer to writing those glorious words “The End” with the help of the 60 Scenes Writing Method.